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  1. Care2.com have a petition to help animals in a terrible state in a zoo in Venezuela. 

    The animals are so hungry that officials are euthanising the weakest animals and feeding them to the others. 

    Please sign this petition to help the animals in the zoo in Venezuela


    Thousands of people are starving as well, with many fleeing the country in search of a better life elsewhere.   

    Zoo animals are trapped.  They have no way to fed themelseves and no-one is coming in to care for theml.   They are withering away. 

    These animals need rescuing.  Please tell neighbouring countries who are helping with the humanitarian crisis to save the animals as well.

    Sign the petition here. 



  2. Animals in Kenya are desperate for water - will you help?
    © SPANA

    Animals such as Amani are desperate for water.  Amani is a camel who was found wondering the barren landscape in search of water, dehudrated and emaciated.

    Amani's ribs were protruding and his hump was deflated - a sure sign of dehydration.

    Can you help provide water for working animals like Amani? 

    International charity SPANA are looking to build a solar-powered borehole for these animals to drink from.  The bore-hole will end their need to search for water.

    £80 will help towards drilling the 110m borehole needed to access enough water for over 7,000 working animals

    £50 could pay towards a 5,000 litre tank to store the water

    £20 could help provide a water trough and kiosk which would enable animals to access water every day.

    Visit SPANA to donate here