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  1. It seems the All England Lawn Tennis Club aren't doing their bit to stop the use of throwaway plastic bottles.

    Top tennis players are calling on them to do the right thing and ban these wretched bottles from the tournament.

    So we need to put a bit of public pressure on the club to nudge them in the right direction and do the right thing.

    They’ve made a start – they’re ditching plastic straws. 

    But now it seems they need some encouragement to move away from the plastic, single use bottle.

    So 38 Degrees  have a petition to encourage Wimbledon to get active and do the deed.

    They’ve been successful with their petitions before, when lots of people persuaded PG Tips to switch to plastic-free tea bags.

    Come on, Wimbledon – do your bit to go plastic free!

    You can encourage them to do just that and Sign the Ditch Plastic Bottles at Wimbledon petition here

    Go to 38Degrees.com to see other campaigns you can support 

  2. Help protect 40% of English seas

    The Marine Conservation Society is asking people to sign a petition regarding the protection of 41 sites in English seas.

    The idea is that the government wants to find out the public’s opinion as to whether 41 sites should be protected as Marine Conservation Zones.

    These zones are vital to ocean health and marine species which all too often suffer from human activity.

    Humpback whales, angelsharks, seahorses, puffins and dolphins are just some of the animals living in the proposed new zone areas – they would benefit from such zone creation.

    Help to protect our seas

    If the government does take action and create the new zones, it would mean that 40% of Enlgish seas could be protected!

    It’s the third and final round of 3 consultations to create Marine Conservation Zones in English waters.

    In round two, public support helpeld the Marine Conservation Society submit half of all responses secured by the government – this secured protection of 23 site proposed.

    But we must do better than that to help marine life – we will all benefit in the end.

    Please sign the Petition here