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  1. Wow, I've just been on to Tori Ratcliffe's amazing website.

    Tori is an artist and she has a number of beautiful prints available for sale, which benefit wildlife charities.

    In the run up to World Pangolin Day on 17th February, she has very kindly teamed up with the World Land Trust and produced this gorgeous print of a pangolin.   It's available as a limited edition print. The print size is 22cm x 22cm. 

    Find out more about Tori Ratcliffe and the print here
    Find out more about Tori Ratcliffe and the print here 

    The print is available for £30.00 and 100% of profits go towards conserving the Borneo Rainforest habitat of the Sunda Pangolin in Kinabatangan.

    Pangolins are the world's most trafficked animal and they also face threats from habitat destruction, so they need all the help they can get.

    Tori's website has a range of prints you can buy - her prints are of animals such as the elephant, puffin, red squirrel, orangutan and rhino. 


  2. Wow, I've just been reading Born Free's magazine Wildlife Times. 

    When £1 coins went extinct in October 2017 in the UK, a number of charities asked people to donate their old £1 coins.   After the 15th October 2017, these were no longer legal tender i.e. you couldn't use them any more.

    Well, Born Free was one of those charities, and their January edition of Wildlife Times has reported that the old £1 coins people sent them amounted to an amazing £4,258 - all to help rare species!  Which just goes to show what you can do when you turn things you don't want or can't use over to a Good Cause.

    All the coins donated to Born Free raised a roaring £4,258

    Other ways to get involved and help wildlife 
    can be found on Born Free's website

    Thank you to everyone who sent them in to Born Free and other charities, that's great news :-)