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There are events and things to do to help animals and support the efforts of animal charities throughout the year - and here's the 2017 Calendar.   Even if you can't participate, find out what it's all about, see what you can do to help - and spread the word about it.  We're adding new events all the time, so please come back and check with us soon!  Dates for 2018 are to be confirmed  

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25 Nov -
3 Dec
National Tree Week
National Tree Week is a great chance for communities to do something  positive for their local treescape, and for people to get their hands dirty and plant some trees.  Find out more
28 Nov - 5 Dec

The Christmas Challenge
From mid-day on 28 November 2017 to 12pm (midday) on 5 December 2017, your donation to participating charities in the Big Give's Christmas Challenge can be doubled.  You'll find participating animal charities here, and environmental charities here.  Make your donation go twice the distance!  Find out more


Buy Christmas cards
Wildlife Conservation Christmas Cards and Horse & donkey charity Christmas cards or why not send an e-card?  Don't forget to save the stamps on envelopes

4 World Conservation Day
Wildlife Conservation Day promotes the conservation and protection of threatened species, specifically elephants, rhinos and tigers and raises awareness about the harmful security, economic and environmental effects of wildlife poaching and trafficking
4 International Cheetah Day
The Cheetah Foundation has ideas of a number of ways you can help the cheetah and help celebrate cheetahs and raise awareness.  Click here to see them. 
11 International Mountain Day
A day to create awareness about the importance of mountains to life,  to highlight the opportunities and constraints in mountain development and to build partnerships that will bring positive change to the world’s mountains and highlands.
TBC The Big Give Christmas Challenge, dates tbc for 2017
A way for proactive philanthropists to support charities and projects of interest, and for charities to engage with donors new and old.
27-29 Big Garden Birdwatch - RSPB
Spend an hour watching and counting the birds in your garden or local green space & submit your findings to the RSPB.  Registration opens on 13 December 2017.
TBC Big Schools Birdwatch - RSPB
Get kids involved in nature watching at school and inspire the nature lovers of the future
TBC Great Winter Nurdle Hunt
Nurdles are tiny plastic pellets about the size of a lentil. Billions of them are used to make our plastic products every year but many are also washed ashore, damaging shorelines and wildlife.  Help join in the hunt for nurdles.  
2 World Wetlands Day
Find out about the importance of wetlands to animal and human wellbeing 
National Nest Box Week
Put up a nest box in your local area to help increase the number of suitable nesting spaces for birds
18 TBC World Pangolin Day
A day to raise awareness about pangolins and their plight.
13-19 TBC Go Green Week
Students run a week of activities to raise awareness and demand stronger action to tackle the climate crisis
28 TBC World Spay Day
This day shines a spotlight on the lifesaving power of spay/neuter and the need for affordable services, particularly in underserved communities
27 International Polar Bear Day
Celebrate it as a day of action to reduce carbon emissions by taking Polar Bear International's Thermostat Challenge
MARCH 2018
1 National Horse Protection Day (US)
Aims to raise awareness of the plight of horses in the USA and beyond & help unwanted horses to find forever homes.
3 World Wildlife Day
Celebrate the beauty and variety of the millions of plants and animals that we share our planet and raise awareness of the urgent need to step up the fight against wildlife crime (amongst other things)
3-5 Great British Spring Clean
Last year 250,000 people took part in the Great British Spring Clean.   This year, volunteers will again do what they can to clear up litter.   This will help make the countryside look better and keep wildlife safer - many animals think litter is something to eat or get caught in it or trapped in it.   Find out more here
13-17 National Wildlife Week (US)
In 2017, the River Otter was voted the most popular species by participants.  Visit the National Wildlife Federation for more info


Tree Care Campaign
From 21 March to 21 September, the Tree Council highlights the need for better care for all trees, in  order to ensure their survival and increase the number reaching  maturity.
 22  World Water Day
A chance for us to think about what safe water means to us and what it could mean to the millions of people living without it.  I would add, and to the millions of animals suffering from a lack of water.
23-26  #MarchforGiants 
The march aims to raise awareness of the world's first campaign to link digital Billboards globally. It begins in Hong Kong on 23 March, progresses to Times Square in New York and then on to London Stratford and Birmingham before ending in Manchester.  Get involved here
 25  Earth Hour
Starting at 8:30pm local time, this lights off event seeks to raise awareness about climate change.  It's on 25th March in 2017
27-31 World Osprey Week
Schools can get invovlved and follow the amazing migratory journeys of satellite-tagged Ospreys and also to make contact with other schools on the migratory flyways.  Fly away for more info here
APRIL 2017
1 Apr
National Pet Month
Promotes responsible pet ownership and helps pet charities across the UK raise thousands of pounds for their organisations
4 World Stray Animals Day
A worldwide celebrated day to give special attention to the 600.000.000 stray animals in the world
4 World Rat Day
A special day to celebrate all rats.   Join in the rat chat at #WorldRatDay
10-16 National Gardening Week
A celebration of gardens - there's lots you can do in your garden to help wildlife.  Click here for ideas.
13 Apr

National Nightingale Festival
Nightingale numbers have fallen in Britain by 90% in the last 50 years and their range has contracted to south and east England.  Click here to find out more about these events
14-17 Zoo Awareness Weekend
Organised by the Captive Animals Protection Society to raise awareness of the plight of animals help captive in zoos.  Find out more.
21-23 RSPB Weekend
Held at the University of Nottingham, with talks, workshops and activities.  Find out what the RSPB are doing to help nature and connect with fellow nature lovers, members and supporters.  More info
22 Earth Day
The day aims to broaden, diversify and activate the environmental movement worldwide - take a look at their campaigns and take a look at highlights to see what's possible by individuals, organisations & governments
24 World Day for Animals in Laboratories
A United Nations recognized day of international commemoration of the suffering and killing of millions of innocent sentient beings in laboratories throughout the world
25 World Penguin Day
Celebrate all things penguin!


World Tapir Day
Seeks to raise awareness about tapirs and to develop a community around tapir  awareness and conservation

29 Save the Frogs Day
Encourages the appreciation and  celebration of amphibians by people from all walks of life

World Veterinary Day
Aims to highlight and promote the different facets of the work performed by veterinarians all over the world and to raise awreness of their contribution to improve animal health and welfare as well as public health.  This year the theme is to Antimicrobial Resistance - From Awareness to Action. More info

MAY 2018
1-7 International Macaque Week
Find out more about the conservation organisations working to help macaques and to making International Macaque Week happen.  More info
1-31 Walk in the Woods Month
Enjoy trees and woods. Across the UK,  walks, talks and other events take place in town and countryside.  
1-31 Meat Free May
Join in with Friends of the Earth's Meat Free May and take steps to reducd your environmental impact through what you eat. There are lots of recipies available for free plus information and resources to help you spread the world. Sign up here
Early International Donkey Week
Every year The Donkey Sanctuary holds this unique week's holiday, relaxing down among the donkeys.  This is a gret chance to get close up to donkeys and find out a lot more about them.  Click here to hot hoof it to the Donkey Sanctuary for more info
30 Apr-6 May Hedgehog Awareness Week
The week is organised by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and aims to highlight the problems hedgehogs face and how you can help them.
6-7 National Pet Show, London
Cats, dogs, small furries, aquatics & reptiles, ponies & more..
  World Migratory Bird Day
An annual awareness-raising campaign highlighting the need for the conservation of migratory birds and their habitats. Usually held on the second weekend of May.
18 Plant Conservation Day
A global celebration to preserve, protect and conserving plants for people and the planet. Find out why plants are so importantwhy plants need our help and how you can get involved.   More info
19 Calling all Schools!  Walk 4 Wildlife!   
This was an amazing attempt to set a Guinness Book of Records record and raise money to help wildlife conservation at the same time.  You can walk for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours - it's up to you.   Find out more about this here and please spread the word!
TBC Great British Bee Count
Organised by Friends of the Earth with support from Buglife to raise awareness of bees and encourage people to help bees - why not create a bee friendly space where you are?  Buzz off for more info here
15-21 National Vegetarian Week
Take the challenge - or why wait?  There are lots of lovely mouth watering vegetarian recipes on the main website - and here's more about why being a veggie is kinder to animals
22 International Day for Biological Diversity .  
The UN day set this up to to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues.  More info
23 World Turtle Day
Started by American Tortoise Rescue
TBC Alderney Wildlife Week
Run by the Alderney Wildlife Trust in the Channel Islands - click here to visit their website
TBC World Otter Day
The International Otter Survival Fund lists several events and awareness days for otters.  This May event is to make people more aware of otters and the threats they face in the wild.
JUNE 2018
1-30 The Plastic Challenge
Sign up to the Marine Conservation Society's Plastic Challenge and reduce your plastic footprint this June - can you continue it for longer?
1-30 Go Wild in June
Join your local Wildllife Trust and go wild with or for wildlife throughout the month of June.  Do 30 simple Random Acts of Wildness, one a day.  Find out more
1-7 Volunteers Week
Celebrates the contribution made by millions of volunteers across the UK.   The week has been extended this year.
5 World Environment Day
Encourages worldwide awareness and action for the environment
8 World Oceans Day
A day to celebrate and honor the ocean, which connects us all. Be a part of it!
11 TBC #2minutebeachclean
Join in and spend 2 minutes cleaning your local beach (or if you're a long way from a beach, why not just join in anyway and clean up the countryside?).  Help rid the world’s beaches of marine litter and plastic pollution, two minutes at a time.  Find out more here
TBC National Insect Week
The next National Insect Week wil run in 2018.  Click here and spend some time discovering more about insects.  
15 International Working Animals Day
Organised by SPANA, who work in a number of countries around the world to educate and train owners on how to look after their hard working animals and provide veterinary care for those animals in need.  Find out more here
17-25 Rabbit Awareness Week
To improve rabbits' welfare - what could you do to improve your rabbit's wellbeing and life?  What one hop could you take?
21 World Giraffe Day
Celebrate the giraffe and see what you can do to help these wonderful animals
23 Bring Your Dog To Work Day
This annual nationwide raises money for charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs - this year, All Dogs Matter and Animals Asia.   And you don't need a dog to get involved!  Find out more here
24 Jun- 2 July United Kingdom Week for the Animals
The 8th Annual  week spotlights animal organizations, welfare initiatives, sanctuaries, students, artists, educators, community leaders, decision makers and caring citizens.  There are pet adoption events, dog shows, salute to military and working K9s, low cost services, sanctuary open days, runs for the animals, pet food runs, animal-assisted therapy, low cost spay and neuter events, activities for horses and farm animals, opportunites to help farm animals, wildlife events, educational leafleting events, veggie and vegan activities, bird tours, garden parties, advocate events and so much more!  Click here to visit their website
24-25 Big Canopy Campout
This is in aid of the World Land Trust enables people to come together to celebrate and save forests, precious ecosystems.  Help protect forests through adventure!  All funds raised will go to World Land Trust to purchase and protect precious rainforest in Borneo, through the Saving Kinabatangan appeal
28 Jun - 2 Jul Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition
This is the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation's 10th Anniversary Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London.   The 2017 shortlist will be exhibited for sale – with all proceeds supporting wildlife conservation.  Find out more here
JULY 2018
1 National Meadows Day
Held to celebrate wildflower grasslands.   Many people who went to events last year were surprised by the diversity of flora and fauna and the number of insects and reptiles in the meadows they visited.  Find out  more here.
1-15 Animals Asia
Once, Delaney was used as a bile machine.  He's now a happy bear because Animals Asia was saved by Animals Asia, and now he's living at a wonderful bear sanctuary, handing out with his friends, playing in the pool and enjoying good food every day.   Donate to help Delaney and his bear friends, and until 15 July 2017 your donation will be matched up to £117,000!  Go to Animals Asia here 
3-9 Born Free Cat Nap
Join in Born Free's Big Cat Nap and help raise funds and awareness of the plight of of big cats.
8 World Tea Party
Help SPANA to provide more free veterinary treatment to working animals in developing countries across the world, including Morocco and Ethiopia by raising funds for the charity - host your own World Tea Party!  More info
15 Arctic Sea Ice Day
This special day for the Arctic sea ice has been created by Polar Bears International to call attention to sea-ice losses and raise awareness of what can be done to help.  
14-23 Love Parks Week
Visit your local park and take a photo to show how much you love and enjoy your local park. Be sure to share it on social media  #loveparksweek.  Show governments how much you love your local park - every bit of green space matters to people and animals. More info
15-23 National Dragonfly Week
Events and activities nationally to view and celebrate these marvellous insects!  More info
16 World Snake Day
Care2.com has 10 things you didn't know about snakes to celebrate the day - a great chance to find out more about them!  
29-31 Big Wild Sleepout
Get closer to nature - sleep out under the stars and discover more about wildlife at night. Organised by the RSPB
29 International Tigers Day
International Tiger Day is held to give worldwide attention to the reservation of tigers. It is both an awareness day as a celebration
31 World Rangers Day
Commemorates rangers killed or injured in the line of duty, and celebrates the work rangers do to protect the world’s natural and cultural treasures
mid July-mid Aug Big Butterfly Count
Join in the world's biggest butterfly count and help Butterfly Conservation assess the health and state of the environment
4-25 Art World Conservation
Art World Conservation is hosting a spectacular 3 week charity event in August, at The Royal Horticultural Society Halls in London, to raise awareness about wildlife, conservation and climate change. There are also talks and lectures from leading experts.  This really is an amazing exhibition which has taken 10 years to bring together - don't miss it!  Click here for more info
10 World Lion Day
The campaign aims to highlight the plight of African and Asiatic lion whilst also demonstrating our shared global heritage of the species. The lion plays a significant role biologically, culturally, symbolically, economically and more. It is hoped that the recognition of the species’ worldwide importance will result in more active conservation worldwide also. More info
12 World Elephant Day
To bring attention to the urgent plight of Asian and African elephants - here are some ways to help
TBC Birdfair
"Saving Paradise in the Pacific" is this year's theme at the Birdwatcher's Glastonbury.  Held at the Rutland Water Nature Reserve, this event is organised by the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust and the RSPB.   It encompasses the whole spectrum of the birdwatching industry and also raises funds to support global bird conseration.  Since 1989, it's raised nearly £4.3 million supporting many important conservation projects
19 International Orangutan Day
Raising awareness of the plight of the orangutan and how we can all help - avoiding products with unsustainable palm oil in them, for a start
19 International Homeless Animals Day
To shed light on pet overpopulation and the spay/neuter solution.
24-25 International Snow Leopard & Ecosystem Forum
In 2013, leaders from the 12 snow leopard range countries pledged to secure at least 20 snow leopard landscapes of Asia by the year 2020.  They are all meeting in August at the International Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Forum.  Please sign Care2.com's petition urging them to make concrete pledges to make this happen.  Click here to sign
26-27 International Bat Night
A celebration of bats, with events taking place all around the country so that you can see and hear bats in their natural habitat. Find out how you can help bats here.
  Debris Month of Action
Thousands of scuba divers around the world rally together to take action against the trash from our everyday lives that makes its way to the ocean.
TBC World Cleanup Day 2018
On an allocated day in September, it's hoped that 150 countries will get involved in this ENORMOUS World Clean up.... find out more here
1 International Primate Day
Worldwide, an estimated 200,000 primates are experimented on each year.  September 1st marks International Primate Day and your help is needed more than ever to end primate tests.  More info
1st Sat International Vulture Awareness Day
Find out why vultures are important to the environment
4-8 Zero Waste Week
An opportunity to reduce landfill waste & save money - start some new great habits
11-17 Remember a Charity in your Will Week
A chance to think about what you can pass on to future generations.  Find out more from the website.  More Info
13 Stop Live Transport:  International Awareness Day
Held to build awareness and demonstrate global opposition to the abhorrent trade in, and long distance transport of, live animals.  More info
15-18 Big Beachwatch Weekend
A once a year beach clean and survey, the largest in the UK.  Clean up Britain's beaches.
16 Great Gorilla Run
Join Mr Gorilla, Bill Oddie and hundreds of people dressed as gorillas to run, jog or walk 8km though the City of London in the 15th annual Great Gorilla Run to help save a species on the edge of extinction.  Click here to run over to the Great Gorilla Run's website
22 World Rhino Day
A day of celebration for all five species of rhino, which also raises awareness of the threats to them.
c22 World Car Free Day
The pollution from cars affects us all, people and animals.   Can you manage without the car for a day?  WWF says one way to help polar bears is to try to get rid of the car as much as possible. Find out more World Car Free Day
29 FSC Friday
The Forest Stewardship Council's day to inform and educate people - including employees, students, groups and the general public - of the value of FSC and the vital role forests play in our lives. It is a chance to increase awareness and encourage people to look for the FSC logo and buy FSC certified products.  Visit the FSC's website
TBC Red Squirrel Week
Go nuts for red squirrels with Wildlife Trusts.  More info here
TBC Seed Gathering Seasons
The Tree  Council aims to inspire everyone, particularly school children and  families, to gather seeds, fruits and nuts and grow the trees of the  future
TBC European Shark Week
European Shark Week provides an opportunity for shark supporters across Europe to unite, raise awareness about shark conservation, take part in shark-related activities, and join campaigns aimed at securing the future health of shark populations.
1 World Vegetarian Day
This kicks off Vegetarian Awareness Month - give being a veggie a go, if you haven't already! 
2 World Day for Farmed Animals
Be a voice for farmed animals
4 World Animal Day
An opportunity to remember and pay tribute to all animals and the people who love and respect them and to make a pledge to help animals in the future.
19 TBC International Sloth Day
Created by Foundation AIUNAU to position a sloth international day on the worldwide level.  
21-29 National Mammal Week
Organised by the Mammal Society to raise awareness of our UK mammals and the conservation issues they face.  More info
23 World Snow Leopard Day
Committed to raising awareness for the plight of an iconic species.  Find out more here
24-30  Wild about Gardens Week
Organised by the RHS and The Wildlife Trusts to encourage people to support local biodiversity in their gardens
27 National Black Cat Day
Cats Protection's day to celebrate everything that's wonderful about black cats
  Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) Will Month
During Will Month you can contact one of WWT's participating solicitors to make an appointment. They will draft your will or amendment (‘codicil’) to your existing will free of charge. All WWT ask is that you consider making a donation to WWT.  Find out more
1 World Vegan Day
Give being a vegan a go and find out more about it
4-5 National Pet Show
Held at the NEC, Birmingham - a great day out
5-11 Polar Bear Week
Organised by Polar Bears International, there are events all week.  Take the Energy Challenge to sustain the bears' future.  
12-18 Orangutan Awareness Week
Raise awareness for the conservation of orangutans and their habitats in Indonesia.  
15 Orange for Orangutans Day
This is your chance to inject some orange into your life and do some fundraising & raise awareness for the Orangutan Foundation, e.g. wear something orange, have a bake sale at work of orange cakes etc