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In regions such as Indonesia, the Orangutan & Sumatran tiger are losing out to human demand for palm oil. Their homes are torn down to make way for human demand. From 16 million hectares in 1900, there are just 500-600,000 left today. The result for species such as the Orangutan & Samtran tiger have been catastrophic. 

Rainforests are the lungs of our planet. If they are not in good health, we cannot be.

One solution to the problem is to source palm oil free products, or at the very least reduce our intake of chocolate which has palm oil in it. 

Where can you buy palm oil free chocolate and other products?  
How do your favourite companies rate for palm oil? 

Ethical Consumer has lots of information about buying palm oil free products and it rates companies for palm oil, either for being a palm oil free company or for only using certified sustainable or organic palm oil.  It also lists products from the best-rated companies that are palm oil free.  This helps you buy with greater knowledge.  Find out more here

The Rainforest Foundation UK rates companies selling products including chocolate, biscuits, bread, skin care, hair care, make-up and cleaning products.   Visit its pages and you can see whether the companies you buy from rate highly or not.  Companies are given a Best Buy, Cautious Buy or Don't Buy. Products that score 20 are palm oil free - there aren't many of them but there are some.  Click here to go to the Rainforest Foundation UK's website

Goodies you could look at...

Divine Chocolate says it does not use palm oil in the interests of preserving the rainforests. It says "Divine does not use any palm oil in its chocolate, and aims not to use any additional ingredients that contain palm oil. To that end we are working to detect any ingredient that may contain palm oil and looking for alternatives. We have removed palm oil from future batches of our Dark Chocolate Covered Salted Fudge.  You can buy Divine Chocolate direct from their website or from online stores such as Natural Collection

Booja Booja is also rated highly by the Rainforest Foundation UK as a best buy for chocolate.   You can find out where your favourite chocolate is rated here. 

Natural Collection have a number of different ratings to help visitors to their website make informed decisions when buying products through their site.  They have shopping guides, covering subjects such as "Supports a Charity", Eco-Friendly products made with the environment in mind, with sections on goods that are biodegradable, recycled, water conservation, solar powered etc.  And they have help on ingredients, as well such as palm oil free, sustainable palm oil, paraben free and more.  

Within the  palm oil free/sustainable palm oil section, there are a huge range of products available, from make-up to soap, skin and hair care, toothpaste, chocolate, food and more.   


Is your chocolate killing tigers & orangutans?

Palm oil free list

How Your Daily Routine can Help the Rainforest
from the Rainforest Foundation UK

Booja Booja chocolates from Natural Collection
Booja Booja chocolates from Natural Collection