How far will your volunteering reach?

Where do you want your volunteering to have an impact?  At home? In your area? Nationally? Overseas?  Here are a few ideas...

UK Politics

Thursday 8th June 2017 was the UK General Election.  So what do animal charities have to say?

Sign the petition started on asking for Gove to be removed as Minister for the Environment - will tell you why.

List of Animal Charities
Koalas need your help

Koalas are being left homeless, thanks to excessive tree clearing. 

Click here to find out how you can help

SUCCESS: Elephant Corridor Appeal

Give elephants a wildlife corridor in India

The World Land Trust has reached its target to help Indian elephants.  Find out more here

Organic Beauty Gifts

Find out more here

Help Butterfly Conservation with organic beauty gifts from Green People. Find out more here

Wildlife News

Please help animals in disasters.  World Animal Protection (previously the WSPA) help animals around the world in times of disaster e.g. flooding, earthquakes etc.  Click here for more info

Planning for disasters for your pets, livestock & zoos.  More...

Send e-cards and help wildlife charities spread the word!


One way to help animal charities is to help them spread the word about the work they are doing. 

Sending e-cards is a great way to do this - the recipient has an e-card from you in their inbox which makes a nice change from junk email;  and you have done your bit and taken an action to spread the word and help charities help wildlife.

Help snow leopards with an e-card  The Snow Leopard Trust has e-cards you can send for free, and you can help snow leopards in the process!   There are some fantastic photos and you'll be spoilt for choice!  There are gorgeous pics for lots of occasions - birthday, autumn, winter holiday season - Click here to visit to visit the Snow Leopard Trust.

The World Land Trust helps wildlife by creating and protecting nature reserves so giving species a place to call home.   As people destroy more and more wildlife habitat, so this work the charity is doing becomes increasingly important.  

They have a range of e-cards including seasonal ones but there are also other wildlife e-cards which can be used for any occasion.  And all for free!  The wildlife e-cards feature a number of different species, from birds and bugs, to snakes and monkeys.   There are also scenery ecards and wildlife art which includes a toucan, African Lion and elephants.

Click here to visit the World Land Trust and send ecards

Send ecards to help the World Land Trust

King Penguins coming ashore, South Georgia by © Bruce Pears

Send ecards to support WWF ©WWF

You can also support the WWF by sending ecards for free.   They have ones celebrating Mothers, Fathers, Virunga, Earth Hour, penguins and more.   Visit their ecards pages here

Give wildlife a pond

Wildlife need water as well.  Give the wildlife in your garden a pond - it doesn't have to be a big one!  More info

Dogs DIE in hot cars

Would you know what to do if you saw a dog in a car on a hot day? Find out more here

Give the gift of water

Give working animals the gift of water - here's how you can do it. 

Cat Care in Hot Weather

Cats Protection have advice for cat owners and carers in hot weather.  Click here to pounce on it!

Art World Conservation

Art World Conservation are having an amazing charity event in August to raise awareness about wildlife, conservation and climate change. More Info

Ways to help
Avoid plastic

Plastic and litter can really damage wildlife and the world around us.  Find out more here

Insure your pet & help animals

Animal Friends have policies for pets & horses. A good whack of any profits they make goes to help registered animal charities around the world. Like them on Facebook, & they will give £1 for every "Like" they get to animal charities. Get a quote from Animal Friends.