Elephant Poo Gifts - a notebook, a photo album - from the Eden Project


Elephant Poo Photo Album or an Elephant Poo Notebook

If you know of an elephant lover, and you're looking for a gift, how about giving them something very different - an Elephant Poo Photo Album or an Elephant Poo Notebook?  You can get them from the Cornwall based Eden Project's online shop.

They are made from 75% elephant dung and 25% recycled paper so they are truly sustainable.

The Elephant Poo Notebook comes in 3 sizes - small, medium and large - and inside each one are about 60 differently coloured pages which are easy to write on.   Only natural dyes are used and the paper is acid-free.  Prices start from £4.00 for the Notebook.  

The Elephant Poo Photo Album is fun.  It has 10 sheets of differently coloured elephant poo paper and it's dyed using only natural dyes. You can put the photos into it with photo corners that are available in any good photography shop, with spray mount or simple glue.  The album is available for £9.25. 

Both the Elephant Poo Notebooks & the Elephant Poo Photo Albums are Fair Trade.  They are handmade by skilled artisans at the Maximus Elephant Conservation Trust in Sri Lanka, and the elephant dung paper is also made there.

So how is this Elephant Poo paper made?

The fibres are pulped by the elephant (instead of by hand or machine) whilst they are digesting - the pulp comes out the back.  The dung is collected and then boiled with margosa leaves - they are a natural disinfectant. They are then mixed with 25% recycled paper - and the result is the elephant dung paper!  

The coarseness and shade of the paper is entirely dependent on the elephants’ diet, making each sheet as unique as the elephant that produced it

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